Substance Abuse Poster Contest

Each year, Knights of Columbus councils throughout the country participate in a Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest to help make young people in their
communities aware of the dangers of the abuse of drugs and alcohol, to give a positive
outlook for children to embrace, and to help carry them through the peer pressure
to use alcohol and drugs. The posters’ thought-provoking visuals and slogans
send the message that drugs and alcohol are not the way to go.  Entrants compete in one of two age groups – ages 8 through 11, and ages 12 through 14. Fr. McNeils Council 1481, Indiana sponsors the contest locally each year thorough the St Bernard Regional Catholic School with the first place winning posters going on to state-wide competition. Judging is based on Slogan; Artistic Merit and Overall Impact with cash prizes are awarded to the winners.  Click image to see a full size image.

First Place – Colin Knickle (12-14)

First Place – Fatima Sissoko (8-11)