Hurricane Relief

Former Indiana resident, Anne Lewis, has contacted the KofC asking for help rebuilding St. Vincent DePaul School in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey.  Students have returned to the school while repairs are still underway.  Thought all  library and textbooks were destroyed.  Council 1481 will be sending money and collecting books for eventual delivered.  After viewing this video I’m sure you’ll be inspired to donate yourself.

A tour showing the devastation in the Huston neighborhood where Anne Lewis resides.

Knights collecting books from St Thomas More’s book sale for shipment to Houston.

A Message from Monsignor Bill:

We are very close to signing a General Contractor for the repairs. I think that will happen by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Our cost for the Service Master part of the cleanup will end up about $265,000.00 and our repairs will end up in the same area. Remember, there can still be a curve ball or two out there.

From all I see things are going well. We are still hampered by the lack of space and meeting rooms. At the current pace, I expect the work to be completed around the first week of November 2017. We truly are blessed. Continue to pray that all goes well these next few days and weeks.

Continue to pray for those still in the shelters and those whose homes are still flooded. Our Parish St. Vincent de Paul Society is extremely busy helping people with rent and food. We have many people in our community who do not get paid when they are not on the job. Our parish volunteers usually meet people in their homes, but so many requests are coming in that they must meet at Randall’s.

Kudos to our parishioners who stepped out of the comfort zone and demonstrated Jesus’ love to others. God never forgets kindness to others.